Why WBA?

WBA is a business and professional non-profit organization

that allows one representative from each profession
or business category to join.

Something About Us

The WBA is a coalition of businesses with one associate from each profession or business category represented.  Through this mutual support system and the relationships it fosters, each associate helps other associates to get more business by giving each other referrals.

As business professionals, we all need an “edge” over our competition.  How many people are doing what you do in the GTA?  As a member of the WBA, you have an edge over your competitors because none of them can be a part of this association, as we only allow one person per profession or business category.

Referrals are an important part of all our businesses.  Some people get either all or most of their business through referrals – that is what the Woodbridge Business Association is very good at doing, GIVING BUSINESS to and GETTING BUSINESS for its associates.

“Word of mouth

“Word of mouth” or referrals is the most effective form of advertising. The WBA provides a structured environment for the development and exchange of business. If referrals are an important part of your business, then the Woodbridge Business Association is the organization for you.

Networking Advantage

Being an associate of the WBA is like having a large sales force working for you. Every person in this room is aware of your services, products and abilities and carries your business card, ready to refer new business to you at every opportunity – those referrals will increase your business.


More than ever, it is important to develop personal relationships in order to increase and maintain one’s word-of-mouth-based business. It is through a process of education and fostering relationships that we learn more about each other’s business – ultimately we feel comfortable about referring one another.


Why I recommend the WBA as opposed to other networking organizations? I joined the group about 7 years ago, I was a newly licenced insurance broker and although the business itself wasn’t new I was and needed to find a forum where I could learn from other more experienced members about how they gain new clients and how they keep them as long standing clients. Over the years I have built a foundation of trust, mutual respect and friendship amongst the members. I will never leave.

Aparna Eva Virgilio Broker - RIBO

I love the WBA, i like the friend ship the leads the help and had been active for more than 5 years.

Paul Ciaravella Author and Natural Wealthness Consultant

In the short time i have been part of the WBA group i have learned and expand my client base by many referrals of other business, is a win-win relation that makes me feel more like in a caring family than a business group. Share and help will grow any business no matter your size.

Daniel Miranda Creative and Director at mworkdesign.com